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"I'm not accepting campaign money, from attorneys, or anyone else."

Money and politics are lousy bedfellows, especially in a judicial election. Corruption, and the appearance of corruption, are unacceptable.  And according to Hammer, nothing corrupts better than money.

"Although West Virginia law forbids judicial candidates from personally accepting campaign donations, its been my experience these past 30 years as a practicing attorney that the campaign treasurer will most definitely ask for donations from attorneys.  How can a judge truly be unbiased when her campaign treasurer asked for campaign donations from attorneys?   All campaign contributions are a matter of public record and readily found on the Secretary of State's website. So while the public can easily look-up this information - so too can the judge herself!  This is nothing short of a smoke and mirrors charade.

"My campaign will not seek, nor accept, monetary donations.   A judge simply must be above the corrupting influence of money.  Every cent I spend to run for judge will be from my own pocket.  Justice isn't for sale.  I won't have attorneys, litigants, or jurors sit in my courtroom and wonder if 'the fix is in'.  All parties should have confidence that the playing field is level. And in my courtroom, everyone will."

David Hammer for Judge.  Treasurer Mike Earley. 
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