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"A judge must be above party politics."

As recently as 2015, judges in West Virginia were elected in partisan races.  The party designation of each judicial candidate appeared on the ballot next to his or her name. Hammer, a political Independent, was a vocal critic of this system and brought the matter to the attention of the public.

"Political party loyalty is simply inconsistent with the sacred duty of judicial neutrality.  How can we expect a judge to be blind and impartial when they are beholden to a political party for their job? I believe that judges must be independent so that judicial decisions are fair, both in fact, and in appearance."

Hammer gathered community support for his opinion by issuing: "It's Time For The Nonpartisan Election of Judges in West Virginia", Spirit of Jefferson,  January 7, 2015 and "Time for nonpartisan judicial elections", Morgan Messenger,  January 14, 2015.  Through his efforts, and those of other community leaders, the West Virginia Legislature changed the law in June 2015 so that judicial candidates now run on a nonpartisan ballot



David Hammer for Judge.  Treasurer Mike Earley. 
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