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David Hammer - your independent choice for Judge.  Give 'em The Hammer.





David Hammer asks for your vote on Tuesday, May 8, 2018 to become your next Division II Circuit Court Judge.


West Virginians elect their judges in a non-partisan race on Primary Election Day.  Each of West Virginia's fifty-five counties is divided into thirty-one units, known as "circuits".  Circuit courts hear most civil cases and all criminal cases (misdemeanors and felonies).  In addition, circuit courts hear appeals from magistrate, family, and municipal courts as well as administrative agencies.

Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan counties comprise the Twenty-Third Judicial Circuit.  Six judges currently serve this circuit, each in a different division. Hammer is running in the 2nd Division and will appear on all ballots in the Tri-County.

David Hammer for Judge.  Treasurer Mike Earley. 
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